Chanel doubles up and buys the Richard tannery (having already acquired Bodin Joyeux)

Chanel has taken over the Richard Tannery in Millau. Mégisserie Richard specialises in the production of Lacaune et Entrefins lambskin, finished in various innovative ways: metallic, pearled, printed, painted etc. The company employs 40 people, exports about 60% of its production and is led by Xavier Richard, who will remain at the company’s operating helm. Bruno Pavlovsky, current president of Chanel’s fashion business, commented that “this acquisition will sustain a vital link in the leather production chain and offers the opportunity to strengthen Chanel leather chain excellence.” The tannery is one of Chanel’s long-standing suppliers which, in recent years, has launched a chain concentration strategy, acquiring the glove manufacturers Gausse in 2012 and, in 2013, another French tannery: Bodin Joyeux.


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