Michael Kors, Diesel and more: CEO changes are fashionable

Michael Kors, Diesel and more: CEO changes are fashionable

The arrival of Pelagia Kolotouros as creative director of Lacoste is the latest in a series of movements in the fashion industry. Starting, of course, with the arrival of Sabato De Sarno to Gucci, the brands involved in the waltz of chairs include Michael Kors, Diesel, The Real Real, P448, Fabiana Filippi and Del Toro. All have changed their CEOs as a sign of renewed ambitions.

From Lacoste to Diesel

Following the departure of Louise Trotter earlier this year at the end of a four-year partnership, Lacoste appointed former Adidas Pelagia Kolotouros as creative design director. About CEO moves, this is the most recent, while others have made more noise. For example, that of Eraldo Poletto (right, in the Imagoeconomica photo) leaving Diesel. A farewell that is news because he had only been appointed six months ago. The manager “has decided for reasons of a personal nature to return to the United States, where he has been residing for several years with his family,” the OTB Group-owned company points out. Diesel points out, however, that Poletto will continue to work with the brand.

Michael Kors and many others

Michael Kors has called back Cedric Wilmotte (left, in photo) who will take over as CEO on 3 April. The manager had already spent 13 years at Kors, before moving a year ago to Versace, another brand owned by Capri Holdings, to head it until last September. In Italy, however, the Umbrian brand Fabiana Filippi has appointed Aldo Gotti as CEO. Formerly Prada, Gotti was general manager of the Modes group.

Footwear (and other) brands

Two footwear brands have appointed new CEOs. The first is P448, which makes its shoes in Italy, and has appointed Alison Bergen. While Del Toro, also known for the peculiar made in Italy of its collections, hired Chad Kramer. Finally, as of 6 February, the new CEO of The RealReal is John E. Koryl. He will have the task of replacing Julie Wainwright, founder and deus ex machina of The RealReal, who left her “creature” almost eight months ago.




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