Next one: Hermès inaugurates its French factory number 17

Hermès inaugurated its seventeenth workshop in Fitilieu. In addition to production, the plant (called Ateliers Fitilieu and located in Isère, between Lyon and Chambery) hosts a training school for leather workers, cutters and mechanics for around 100 “students” who will then be integrated into the staff of the Savoie-Dauphiné production center which includes the leather goods of Belley (Ain) and Iséroise (Isère), the manufacture of Haute Maroquinerie (Savoie), as well as of course the new Fitelieu Ateliers. “This new leather goods factory reflects our commitment to the territory. Hermès products are first and foremost the result of the gestures of women and men who make their know-how available. At Fitilieu there are artisans, but also sellers, engineers or creators. Everyone contributes with their talent to the success of our fashion house” said Hermès CEO, Axel Dumas. As highlighted in the report at the end of 2018, the French group is working on the construction of other production sites for leather goods in Guyenne and Montereau (which is expected to be completed by 2020) and in Louviers, which will be up and running by 2021. In the first two sites, 250 employees will be hired for each laboratory. In France Hermès has 3,500 employees only in the leather sector.

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