Pavlovsky: imagining Chanel without Italian partners is impossible

Pavlovsky: imagining Chanel without Italian partners is impossible

Chanel supports its Italian partners. And it will continue to do so. “We cannot imagine Chanel without our partners in Italy,” said Bruno Pavlovsky, president of the fashion division of the house. Pavlovsky is also optimistic about the future of fashion and the brand. Starting, however, in 2022, when sales can return to (or exceed) 2019 levels. The challenge is to intercept new travellers, after fashion houses have focused on local consumers.

Italian partners

Chanel’s French are investing to protect the supply chain “and we will continue to do so,” says Pavlovsky. “In France and Italy not all suppliers are at the same level he explains to MFF -. So, I don’t really know what the situation will be tomorrow, but for sure we will continue to support and engage with our key suppliers, to make sure we can continue to bring expertise into what we are doing. And we are quite active in Italy. We cannot imagine Chanel without our partners in Italy”.


According to the president of Chanel’s fashion division, 2022 “promises to be the year of a return to pre-pandemic levels, or perhaps even of new growth”. His opinion is that vaccination campaigns will allow “many trips to Europe”. “The challenge will be on how to involve local customer and tourist at the same time and level,” he explains. For Chanel, which does not sell online, a “digital versus physical” duel is not underway, but it is “a matter of skills. Clients would like to be more connected with the experts – he says -. This human touch and skills are becoming important”. Regarding Chanel’s future, Pavlovsky has no doubts: “It will be a leader”.

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