Prada’s first time: Raf Simons to be side by side with Miuccia for the brand’s style

La prima volta di Prada: Raf Simons affianca Miuccia allo stile

After a month, Wall Street Journal columnist Jacob Gallagher’s tweet turns out to be correct. Raf Simons joins Miuccia Prada and becomes co-creative director of the brand. The company ensures that the two will have the same responsibilities in the creative decision-making process.

Appointment on April 2

Simons’ first day of work will be April 2. The first goal of the Prada-Simons duo will be women’s  2021 Spring/Summer collection, on the catwalk in Milan next September. An epochal turning point for Prada, who had never had a creative director outside the family. The Belgian designer, ex Jil Sander (exactly at the time when the brand was controlled by the Prada-Bertelli family), Christian Dior and Calvin Klein, will continue to lead his homonymous men’s clothing brand.

Says Simons

“Prada is a brand that has always interested me. I am looking forward to expressing to you all the dialogue I will have with Ms. Prada and her team”, said Simons in a meeting held at the company’s headquarters and reported by Business of Fashion. “To be honest, Mr. Bertelli approached me immediately after I left Calvin Klein”, continued Simons. “Miuccia and I had a conversation about creativity in today’s fashion system. We need to rethink how creativity can evolve in today’s fashion system”.

A Raf Simon is forever

Miuccia Prada denied her progressive exit from the creative scene with the arrival of Simons: “Absolutely not. I enjoy working, and I am very excited. Simons will bring a breath of fresh air”. When asked about the duration of the contract with Simons, Miuccia Prada replied that there is no deadline: “Theoretically, it’s forever”.

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