Ralph Lauren surprises everyone: quarterly revenue exceeding expectations, and profits in the last 9 months boom (+228.6%)

Ralph Lauren outperforms the outlooks. The US-based brand closed (this past December 29th) the third fiscal quarter with revenue of 1.73 billion USD, up 5.1%, and better than the analysts’ expectations (1.66 billion USD). The balance sheet reported a net revenue of 120 million USD and showcased a 180-degrees turn on the previous performances, when the American brand had reported an 81.8 million USD contraction. If we consider the 9 months of the current fiscal year, the growth numbers are even more impressive. Ralph Lauren reported a 228.6% profit increase between April and December, going from 121.5 million USD in 2017, to 399.3 in 2018; while total revenue grew 3.2%, from 4.65 billion USD to 4.8 billion. “These results give us confirmation that the path we are following is the correct one to strengthen the brand, the product, and the digital side, and that we are working correctly in relation to our global expansion plan as well”, stated Patrice Louvet, president and ceo of the brand, who also added that “this setting gives us a competitive advantage at a time when the global environment is very uncertain”.



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