Salvatore Ferragamo Group: 99.4% is “made in Italy”

“The group relies on a supply structure with high technical expertise and works with historical companies, with whom it has established a continuous collaboration relationship.” This statement is an extract of the Ferragamo Sustainability Report 2016. The report affirms the supremacy of Italian leather for the “Made in Italy luxury production.  The group says that “99.4% of the hides are “made in Italy”. A market response to the effort of Italian tannery in the direction of sustainability. A history of excellence that UNIC (National Union of Conciary Industry) tells in its 2017 Report. Selection methods are stringent: “To guarantee the necessary quality of brand products.”The Salvatore Ferragamo group – says the report – uses a screening process of suppliers and workers to assess whether potential new partners have the technical and qualitative, financial and economic requirements and all the documentation and certifications Expected to start the collaboration “.


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