Scandicci, derby between Kering and Richemont for a new production maxi-area

While Hermès is structurally focused on production in France, the other luxury groups seem instead to accentuate their “Italian matrix”. All this despite the appeals and efforts of the Macron government trying to stop investments abroad and bring jobs back to French borders. The charm of Scandicci seems, however, irresistible, together with the quality of its manifacturings. According to reports from the newspaper MFF, Kering and Richemont are, in fact, ready for new investments. In particular, both have submitted an offer to take over an area on which stands, as communicated by the Municipality of Scandicci, “the Center of the Ministry of Finance for the management of the 740 (a law) of the regions of Central Italy, completed at 85% and, in the last 30 years, never concluded or used, to the point of being known in the area as “Palazzaccio” (Flop House). It is a concrete structure, on three floors, which had a cost of about 120 billion lire at the time, with 28,700 square meters of built area on a 58,000 square meter lot. The area will soon be redeveloped and could be used to host new activities of the luxury giants, including production. An opportunity not missed by Kering and Richemont, already present in the area, who would have presented an offer to the Tuscan Municipality. MFF writes that Kering would have presented the highest bid to be able to transfer Saint Laurent. The two groups, obviously, are not commenting. A decision could be taken by June 4 by CDP Investimenti, a company of the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti Group, owner of the area.

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