Second hand: CHANEL (all in capital letters) and TheRealReal portal at all-out war

CHANEL do not step back at all in the war against TheRealReal, a second hand luxury web portal. Actually, they have been reinforcing their action: in fact, as reported by WWD and a few Chinese media, they decided to sue them again. Following the first charge, filed last November, and the reply from the website, the French fashion house claimed again they have not signed any retail agreement with TheRealReal, nor they implemented any partnership deal. Therefore, points out the French brand, advertising and marketing campaigns carried out by TheRealReal made customers believe that products were original: actually, they just tried to appeal more consumers. CHANEL hope that TheRealReal will say and show everywhere that items for sale are not certified authentic by the French manufacturer. TheRealReal asked the Federal Court of New York to dismiss the case, but last week CHANEL stated, once again, the reasons on which they based their charge, therefore confirming they will not quit their lawsuit. Christine Heerwagen, a spokesperson of TheRealReal, replied by saying that CHANEL have promoted this legal proceeding for other reasons: they do not want clients to resell their authentic products, possibly at discount prices. Aiming to safeguard their trademark, the fashion house has recently launched a rebranding, while claiming that their naming/logo is CHANEL, all in capital letters. They will possibly sue everyone who is not going to abide by that writing.



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