Sustainability, the real one, according to Tod’s, D&G and Ferragamo

Sustainability, the real one, according to Tod's, D&G and Ferragamo

Ideas for sustainability, the real one. And then the issues related to retail, digitalisation and craftsmanship. Alfonso Dolce, CEO of Dolce & Gabbana, Diego Della Valle, president of the Tod’s group, and Micaela Le Divelec Lemmi, CEO of Salvatore Ferragamo, talked about it when participating in the Luxury Summit organised by Il Sole 24 Ore.

The real one

According to Dolce (photo, on the right) craftsmanship is synonymous with sustainable: “Creating value for luxury means starting from craftsmanship, which rewards the principle of sustainability. Today, craftsmanship goes hand in hand with innovation, it is a combination  that is capable of representing the contemporaneity of a well-made product for the very young. With craftsmanship, the zero-kilometre and sustainable product is born in a natural way”.

Word of Micaela

“Sustainability means not losing the production chain – says Micaela Le Divelec Lemmi (photo, in the center) -. Technology is fundamental in the path of sustainability because, for example, it allows people not to move”. According to the manager, leading companies must make investments while those in the production chain “can focus on how to reduce waste and distances. On how to shorten the movement of raw materials and semi-finished products”.

Diego adds

“It is fashionable to talk about eco-sustainability, but beware of misusing it – adds Diego Della Valle -. We must not be misleading. Words must be followed by deeds. And solar panels are not enough to be sustainable. There is a broader concept in which even the very small aspects are important, such as saving materials, reusing waste, and production speed”. In this regard, the entrepreneur then referred to the upcoming projects on the reuse of materials.

Focus on retail

“The future of the store? – observes the manager of the Tod’s group – I have to periodically offer reasons to let the consumer in. It will become a communication center, especially in Asia”. “We have adopted the virtual showroom – continues Le Divelec Lemmi -. The goal was to reach the phygital. We are satisfied with it, and will continue to invest in this direction, with the physical and digital experience mixing. We sent our customers physical tools to touch the materials while they watched the digital shows in the presence of the salesperson. I think that in the future we will move towards an increasingly fluid customer experience with channels, physical and digital, which will become confused”.

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