The change is near: what will Mr. Gobbetti do once in Ferragamo

The change is near: what will Mr. Gobbetti do once in Ferragamo

Ferragamo’s shake-up is about to arrive. The change is near. September 7th will be the last day for the current CEO, Micaela Le Divelec Lemmi. Executive powers will be transferred to current Vice-president Michele Norsa, until Marco Gobbetti will take over the role in January 2022. The market observes and waits, for the most part, the announcement for a new creative director, which will likely be chosen by Mr. Gobbetti. CEO has been called to bring change to the entity, so much in fact that the simple announcement of his new role was enough to stop all rumors regarding a potential sale.

The change is near

The ex-Burberry manager will be the 4th CEO in just 5 years for Ferragamo. According to WWD, Gobbetti may replicate in Florence the strategy that was implemented in London, where Gobbetti hired creative director Riccardo Tisci, repositioned Burberry within the luxury scale, cut wholesale and focused on full-price retail. He took charge of the brand’s leather goods section and managed to attract a new generation of clients. Ferragamo’s specialty, observes WWD, are leather accessories for high-end consumers: one of Mr. Gobbetti’s main know-hows.

The market’s bet

Observers are betting that one of the first moves by Gobbetti will be that of nominating a new creative director. Paul Andrew left the position open in May. The arrival of the new CEO also leads to believe that he will be given time to enact his strategies and verify the fruits of the labor done. Analysts believe that, at least for a while, there will be no more rumors regarding a potential sale of the brand, which was something common throughout the last few years. Rumors that were always denied by the family, which has slowly left managerial positions in favor of external hires throughout time.

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