The Guardian attacks Vuitton: its production takes place mainly in Transylvania, only finishing takes place in Italy and France

Launching the stone against Louis Vuitton is the British newspaper The Guardian with an investigation. The British newspaper accuses the French flagship of the LVMH multinational to pack “thousands of his shoes and boots in a factory in Transylvania, a region which, according to the publication, is known “more for vampires than luxury craft tradition”. To support its claim, The Guardian, also resumed an old French TV documentary dated 2014. In that documentary, the story ended in front of the Somarest gates in the small commune of Cisnadie. British journalists claim to have entered the establishment that LVMH opened in 2002 that managed “to produce 1,500 uppers a week in 2004, as evidenced by the online factory director’s resume of the times” as The Guardian reports. Always looking for the digital CV of some of the Somarest factory managers (where 734 employees work), the newspaper confirmed that, since 2007, production has increased from 70% to an annual output Of about 100,000 pairs. All factory managers are French as well as the materials used. Once packaged, the products are shipped to France and Italy, where they have their sole applied following the laws of the European Union. It is certainly not a scam, but a matter of prestige linked to the fact that even the French label delocalizes in search of the most cost-effective labour to produce some of its footwear. LV, in Italy, has a model atelier in Riviera del Brenta, where a few other LVMH brands, like Dior, have been in the market for a few months, as well as having been in control of the historic Rossimoda shoe factory for years. On the subject, Bernard Arnault, patron of LVMH, rejected the allegations.


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