The millionaire reward Ferragamo promised to Gobbetti

The millionaire reward Ferragamo promised to Gobbetti

A millionaire reward, as it should be for those who take on the burden of leading a group like Salvatore Ferragamo. An annual pay that could lead Marco Gobbetti to receive the same salary that Gucci pays to its CEO, Marco Bizzarri. That is to say about 8 million euros, between salary and bonus.

2020 in Burberry

Gobbetti, on the strength of the results achieved even in a difficult year like that of the pandemic, has already received an excellent salary from Burberry for 2020. “Despite the voluntary cut in remuneration, the manager received in addition to the fixed salary (1.45 million pounds) also part of the variable one (a 570,000 pounds bonus and 180,000 as of other benefits)”, summarises La Repubblica. The sum is 2.45 million, but it does not end there. Because the “remuneration rises to 4.33 million pounds (over 5 million euros) with the long-term stock incentive plans”.

The millionaire reward

But now a new page opens for Gobbetti. Because, as is well known, Ferragamo awaits him. According, again, to La Repubblica, his “future remuneration was discussed by a special nomination and remuneration committee, before the Board of Directors on July” 1st. The figures involved are those that are recognised to a top-level manager. “In Florence, it is rumoured that Gobbetti had an incentive to go and lead the relaunch of Ferragamo – reports the newspaper founded by Eugenio Scalfari -, also linked to the performance of shares on the stock market”. What does it mean? “In case of success, a compensation could be reached not unlike the one of the other Florentine luxury CEO, Marco Bizzarri – concludes Repubblica -, who, between salary and bonus, is close to 8 million euros per year”.

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