When the problem was only Hong Kong: Valentino +2.4% in 2019

Quando il problema era solo Hong Kong: Valentino nel 2019 fa +2,4%

Valentino’s sales up by 2.4% in 2019, even with the hit taken in Hong Kong. It seems like a far behind issue (though it wasn’t very long ago), when the main issue for luxury brands was the protest taking place in the ex-British colony.  A critical contest, but a growth one, show brand’s results posted by WWD.

Valentino grew by 2.4% in 2019

2020 is the Coronavirus year. Valentino’s income statement hasn’t yet been published due to the government’s delay of the posting date. The company, owned by Mayhoola, should have conducted its regular board meeting in March. The date has (maybe) been pushed to May due to the lockdown.

Channels and unknowns

Valentino’s revenue in 2019 reached 1.22 billion euro. The brand manages 11 stores in Hong Kong, where the protests caused a decrease of 20 million, compared to the sales made in 2018. The investments in digital channels brought results: online sales went up by 56%. The brand has also invested in the physical retail channel in China and United States. The context though, has been further deranged by the Coronavirus: hard to think that, given this environment, return on investments won’t be fast.


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