From 20 to 22 February, the most important business experience reserved for fashion and luxury supply chain sizes the number of edition number 96. And tesse a thread between fashion, innovation and sustainability in the light of a precise choice: that quality

by Luca Fumagalli

Let’s start with a statistical judgment that puts Lineapelle in front of the responsibility of its leadership. According to a survey carried out by Euromedia Research at the fair during the September edition, 92.2% of the interviewed sample considers it “a successful event” and judges with a very high grade (above 8) the level of the meetings held. This percentage translates into a satisfied percentage that exceeds 96% and is based, in particular, on the appreciation for the richness of collections and proposals to which the quality of exhibitors is combined. Bottom line: 92% of visitors are sure about their presence at the next editions. That is called loyalty and is one of the first quality features that make Lineapelle, by now, much more than just a fair and more and more a business experience. That is: it is a place of creative and commercial sharing, characterized by a differentiated but coordinated theme richness.

And at the same time: it is a dynamic space that expresses a structural innovative mission. The one that Lineapelle exported in January to its Anglo-Saxon spin-offs (London and New York), presenting the Innovation Talks, the direct evolution of Lineapelle Innovation Square (September 2018, will be back next October, during Lineapelle97).

It is a stylistic laboratory that in this edition combines the fashion content of the (confirmed) three Trend Areas with the newset-up concept of the Lounge Areas, realized, explains a note by Lineapelle, “with the aim of formalizing the trend area researches through thematic exhibition moments, to make tangible color references and conceptual reference of the summer season 2020”. Without forgetting the connection with the concurrent fashion shows of Milan Women Fashion’s week.

In short: Lineapelle has become a “hub of inspiration” to the umpteenth degree, within which the discriminating element is, only and nothing but, quality of the product, of the service, of the company itself, of its sustainable approach. It is no coincidence that on its second day (Thursday 21 February), Lineapelle organizes (in collaboration with UNIC – Italian Tanneries and Confindustria) and hosts a workshop entitled “The circularity of the Italian leather – 360° sustainability”. An event that wants to make it very clear indeed and enhance an approach that historically and daily (as can be read in many parts of this magazine) has anticipated any debate on the bio-economy. A sustainable culture that translates into the market as follows: “It is no longer sufficient to tan the best leather – explains an exhibitor -, but to produce it in the best, most correct way from a sustainable and service standpoint. Customers are pushing us towards a de-seasonalization which means a multiplication of orders, but a reduction in volumes and an increase in risk. But, exactly because of these conditions, only an impeccable product from the qualitative point of view let us be, almost, safe. This is how we work from the premium up: the medium segment is always more difficult to serve”. Words that describe the market theme around which Lineapelle96 will gravitate: we live in an uncertain conjuncture; it is necessary to constantly raise the bar of its quality at 360 degrees; it must be carefully assessed how the towing of the brands (especially regarding leather goods) is rewarding for many, challenging for some, penalizing for others.

Lineapelle96 is here for this.

KEYWORD:  Co-Natural
It is the stylistic guideline for Summer 2020. Elaborated by the Lineapelle Fashion Committee, it explores “the symbiotic relationship that no longer opposes man and technology, but unites them in a new concept”: Co-Natural, precisely. With Natural. «To think Co-Natural, to address important issues such as the sustainability of work and the ethics of traceability, means becoming aware of the complexity and mobility of the contemporary world». Co-Natural was premiered at Lineapelle London (22 January, 42 exhibitors) and Lineapelle New York (30/31 January, 132 exhibitors).

Amici per la Pelle on its way to the cinema
If Lineapelle is about to be 96, its competition reserved for students of the Middle Schools of the Italian tanning districts is celebrating its eighth edition. Amici per la Pelle, in the late morning of Friday 22 February, will bring to Fieramilano the enthusiasm of over 1,000 kids from Serino and Montoro (Campania); Ponte a Egola, Fucecchio, Santa Croce sull’Arno and Santa Maria a Monte (Tuscany); Inveruno, Robecchetto con Induno and Turbigo (Lombardy); Arzignano and Montebello Vicentino (Veneto). The competition unites the Italy of the leather district and this time puts the boys and girls to the test with the creative suggestion titled Movie Tan. Basically, they had to imagine works in leather recalling the imagination of the seventh art, with its masterpieces, its protagonists and its iconic scenes.
And, since Amici per la Pelle calls into question directly the territories, in a sort of divulgative sharing that promotes the socio-productive and cultural importance of Italian tannery, the works can be voted not only during Lineapelle, going to the stand where all the works are on display. A preference can be expressed during the three days of the fair, even and especially online, on the Facebook page of UNIC – Italian Tanneries where the entire gallery of the works in competition will be posted. A like is worth a vote.
The prize pool is giving away €1.100 for the top three classified by the vote at the fair, €500 for the winning work with the online vote and €500 for the winner of the Special Prize Michele De Maio (awarded by a selected jury). The cash prizes are recognized to the school for the purchase, documented, of equipment and materials.



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