Asian footwear association turns down Myanmar after Rohingya refugees ethnic cleansing

CIFA (the Confederation of International Footwear Associations) rejected Myanmar membership application. Why? Because the Burmese Government has been hunting down Rohingya people, who represent a Muslim ethnic minority. Allegedly, since the end of August over 600,000 people have fled from Myanmar towards Bangladesh, running away from “ethnic cleansing”, as the United Nations Organization has depicted it. CIFA is a confederation that comprises Asian footwear manufacturers: their aim is to share business information and foster potential partnerships. Likewise, they aim to promote technical cooperation, which is meant to be profitable for all of the parties, thus working together for a common goal: a better future for footwear companies and industries that liaise with them. The members of such association are Bangladesh, China, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, The Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam. Some representatives of these countries met in Dhaka on their annual conference, on its 36th edition. During the meeting, they unanimously rejected Myanmar membership application.


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