Wallace group to open in Southland, New Zealand, a new site for raw hides collection

A new site for collecting sheep and bovine raw hides is now working in the region of Southland. Wallace group, a New Zealand agricultural and industrial holding arisen from the merger between Wallace Corporation and Farm Brands, also owner of Nichols tannery, opened in Mataura a new site (staffing around 50 employees) for the storage of “casualty cows” hides (such cows were slaughtered prior to any farmer’s plan) and “slink lambs”. As reported by Scoop Business, a local daily newspaper, in doing so the group is going to enhance remarkably its collection branch on a national scale. “Our aim is to expand our country coverage area and provide customers with a timely and efficient service – pointed out CEO Graham Shortland -. In so doing we shall support slaughterhouses and breeders, and we’ll also foster work and wealth for the country area: on top of that, we’ll recycle by-products, therefore protecting the environment”.


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