Australia, droughts are hurting the meat sector: According to USDA, the number bovines fell, the same happened to production

The prolonged droughts force Australia down a negative trend: while 2018 was supposed to close with 8.25 million units delivered, the number of units slaughtered in 2019 should be 7.8 million. These numbers are from USDA, the United States Department of Agriculture, and were reported by sector news sources. Moreover, the number of bovine units in 2019 should be around 26 million, while meat production is expected to fall from 2.3 million metric tons of 2018, to 2.18 million metric tons the following year. Exports, in total, should decrease by around 6%. The harsh climate conditions, say spokespersons of USDA, will make the re-building of the number of bovines in the country very hard for operators.


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