Scottish Leather Group considerably reduce environmental footprint: -85%

After launching a new production cycle, they caused environmental impact to slump remarkably. Scottish Leather Group, one of the most important players in the leather industry in the United Kingdom, succeeded in reducing their environmental effects considerably, as they dropped by 85%.

As reported by, Scottish Leather Group worked out and monitored the amount of carbon dioxide deriving from leather manufacturing. In order to pinpoint such parameter, one has to calculate equivalent CO2: looking at Scottish Leather Group, their resulting quantity has been 1.5 kilos, much less compared to 2003 (10.9 kilos). While illustrating these figures, Warren Bowden, the Sustainability and Innovation manager of the group, cleared up they successfully achieved such a “relevant” reduction by making use of renewable energy. Not just that though. The manager also said that the company is currently planning to go on with their strategy, while aiming at further limited emissions of carbon. That is why they have signed a partnership deal with SHARC Energy Systems, which is a firm specialized in recycling heat from sewage for heating water and houses. “We will therefore install a water heating, carbon zero-emissions system”, pointed out Bowden.

 They launched the project a few years ago
In 2003, Scottish Leather Group set a “zero waste” policy. Since that time, the group has been closely examining all possible options to reduce waste of substances and resources, which are accountable for pollution, therefore focusing on recycling. Consequently, for instance, they have equipped plants with natural filters to recycle sewage, in order to turn it again into clean water, which factories can use again from the beginning of the production chain. Likewise, they forward solid waste products to their thermal energy plant: here they first recycle them to produce energy and gas, and then they transform them into oils and fuels.


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