Brazilian tanning export decreases by 4,4% in the first 9 months of 2017: wet-blue go up, finished hides and skins slump

In September Brazilian leather export went up as for volumes (+7,5%, 16,1 million square metres on the whole), though it decreased in terms of value (-4,4%, that is 144 million dollars). The trend slightly turns around, compared to August, when both volumes and value were going down (-3,5% and -5,7% respectively), and roughly lines up with July and June performances (overseas turnover was going south, whereas volumes were good). Such figures about Brazilian tanning industry are provided by CICB, the tannery association, according to data supplied by SECEX (department of foreign trade). Looking at the first 9 nine months of the year, Brazilian leather business is working at a loss: so far revenues coming from export have been about 1,7 billion dollars, that is -4,4% compared to 2016 same period. Finished hides and skins, which represent 57,7% of the overall business, have been decreasing by 9,2%, whereas wet blue and salted leather have gone up, +22,1% and 2,9% respectively. According to IBGE, the Brazilian Institute of Statistics, in 2016 cattle units went up to 218 million, +1,4% compared to 2015 and +75% over the last 30 years.


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