Brazil’s tanners draw up report over damages after losing 1,5 million hides due to transport strike

Since tanneries were forced to close for nine straight days, at least 1 million hides and skins could not be processed. Although the overall situation is about to get back to normality in a week or so, damages might supposedly amount to 1,5 million leather units less. CICB, the association of Brazilian tanners, have drawn up a detailed report over business losses caused by transport major strike. “Arterial roads, which connect the main areas in the country, have been stuck for more than a week – point out CICB in their release. Transport disruption brought to shortage of fuel and goods that are necessary for manufacturing plants and factories”. Including tanneries as well. “We assume that, starting from next week, things will gradually return to normality – wrap up the Brazilian association -, as slaughterhouses will be working at full speed and logistics utilities will be operating again”. Hides and money went up in smoke, anyway.


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