Here’s who won the UNIC challenge at UniTrento School of Innovation

Here’s who won the UNIC challenge from UniTrento School of Innovation

The end of a project that becomes the base for an evolution. The closing of a challenge that provided participants with enthusiasm, awareness and new inputs. The challenge launched by UNIC – Italian Tanneries to the students of the UniTrento School of Innovation has ended. The goal: finding “fresh and innovative ideas”, explains UNIC, to “communicate the responsible innovation that characterizes the Italy’s tanning industry”. So: being able to “improve the common perception of the segment’s processes and products”. Here is who won.

Here is who won

The project included the allocation of students into groups and two operational steps. The first: a preliminary revision of the students’ projects. The second: the occasion “during which each group presents the solution designed to answer the provided challenge. The Provider then decides what solution, if any, should be implemented in real life”. The challenge involved 15 students (in photo) from all over the world (on the right in photo). Summarized, they came from: Italy, Spain, India, Ukraine, Russia, Egypt, France, Japan, Finland, Bangladesh. UNIC decided, in considerations of the many interesting options presented, to award the Make Every Hide Count output, created by Team 2. The group was composed by Edoardo Ruvolo (Economics, Trento), Evgeniya Shmalenyuk (Master Human & Computer interaction, Trento), Jin Wang (Engineering and Water Management, Toulouse).

Make Every Hide Count

Make Every Hide Count consists in the creation of a UNIC Virtual World. Simply put, UNIC explains it, “an online platform accessible by anybody and that is continuously updated. Users will be able to interact, also via virtual technologies, to pose and answer questions over the tanning process and the identity of leather. But they will also express their choices, allowing them to accumulate sustainability points that will show users how much they have understood about tanning and its green footprint”. Information and education that is shared.

Thrilling experience

“The Challenge with the School of Innovation dell’Università di Trento was very exciting – commented Giacomo Zorzi, UNIC’s reference point for the project -. It was a great pleasure for us to meet students and appreciate their freshness and ingenuity. The passion they showed is proof that Italy’s tanning industry is always able to generate stupor and interest towards a material and segment that make real strives to be sustainable and responsible. Their passion was the greatest gift for us”. Beside from some theoretical aspects, the students were given the chance to “touch with their hands” the process by visiting Conceria MontebelloCorichemMedio Chiampo and ILSA.

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