Brilliant kick-off for Lineapelle92, very good turnout and much curiosity. Strong start today

All’s settled for Lineapelle92 second day, following yesterday brilliant kick-off: in fact, buyers, fashion designers and visitors attendance has been higher than the one on the first day of the past two editions (February and September 2016).  A good, reassuring message then, that needs relevant confirmation though, as Milan Fashion Woman runway shows are about to start today. Good start, bright hopes, anyway. Unlike yesterday, as turnout was somehow affected by taxi strike, today in the early morning there were already long queues of visitors outside the entrance gates. ”Very high number of visitors , we are very happy about it” – says Stefano Neri (Opera Tannery) on his videointerview published on our Facebook page, then stressing his satisfaction over visitors’ curiosity for the “very sober and fully coloured” summer trend”. First responses are by all means positive, both in terms of attendance and curiosity for Summer 2018 collection” – points out Dino De Mario (DMD Solofra).” As for trends, visitors seem to be most keen on suedes and basic nappas  – adds young entrepreneur. Interest in neat footwear is back. As well laminated leather, variously shaded, are most appreciated, thanks to two-coloured wrinkled effects, back to the polish look of the Seventies”. Likewise Franco Dalle Mese (Montebello Tannery) is very happy about the fair first day: “great start”-he says, as he recalls the 50th birthday of his company, hence the new collection “Happy Birthday Montebello”. “Customers attendance is being very good, definitely better compared to the past editions turnout – he adds on La Conceria videointerview. Hopefully that will turn into work and solid profits”.


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