EU urged by leather International board (GLCC): “Guidelines for the term safeguard are mandatory

It’s high time the European Union were getting a move on. Since it’s pretty clear that “only guidelines about the definition of leather may prevent false and deceitful commercial contents, protect brands against unfair competition and defend consumers while pleading cases of misleading demeanour”, the EU had better approve some guidelines in order to set a proper definition of “leather”(that is materials resulting from animal slough). Such action is supposed to be as successful as the previous regulations over footwear labelling; likewise it should urge the USA to review their federal guidelines about leather.The EU is urged to take action: that’s the gist of the letter published on Sep 27 by the Global Leather Coordination Committee (GLCC), the association of ICT (International Council of Tanners), ICHSLTA (International Council of Hides, Skins and Leather Traders) and IULCTS (International Union of Leather Technologists and Chemist Societies).The context is sadly well-known: a bunch of enticing definitions of synthetic materials that look like leather, though they are by no means leather, a massive number of advertising messages that mislead consumers over the meaning of sustainability and eco-friendly, not to mention aggressive campaigns which aim to advertise some fabrics and jeopardize the tanning industry. “Such wheeler-dealers and their consistent misbehaviour are gradually spoiling leather’s good reputation, thus compromising what customers figure about leather itself, and are bound to affect the business seriously”, points out GLCC, most keen on the leather safeguard issue in their last meeting in Shanghai. In their release the board praises all of the statements coming from worldwide leather associations. Cotance is one of them, as they have been striving for a successful coordination of European guidelines. Along with Cotance, UNIC (the National Union of Italian Tanneries) have been struggling in Italy against the improper use of the term “leather”, as their legal office has been striving to safeguard Vero Cuoio and Vera Pelle trademarks. Looking at their most relevant accomplishments, in the last year, we have to mention the withdrawal of Wineleather, with regard to fabric resulting from  marc, and their cooperation with Fiamme Gialle, in Friuli, in their counterfeit goods customs seizure.


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