Florida withdraws potentially poisonous fodder after mysterious cattle great death toll

Still we do not know exactly how many cattle units have died in Florida’s breeding farms owing to suspect epidemic disease. According to local press, “dozens and dozens of bovine animals” have reportedly died. Most of all, the striking news is about several inexplicable deaths which first looked like a single incident, but subsequently proved to be a large-scale event, since they repeatedly took place in a few farms located in about 10 State counties. That is why Florida’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services decided to officially investigate into the mysterious case. For the time being, most suspicions are apparently about a fodder provision sold by Producer’s Pride: while waiting to test and prove its actual toxicity, authorities decided to withdraw the product, for precaution; in the meantime, the company is striving hard to take back all stocks which have already been supplied. While speaking to abcactionnews.com, a farmer from Polk County said that three of his bovines started faltering after eating suspect fodder; shortly after they collapsed, and they did not rise anymore. As reported by the same newspaper, farmers’ financial loss supposedly amounts to about 5,000 US dollars per livestock unit.      


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