Indian authorities identify and fine two tanneries, in Kanpur, for defying ban

Due concerie ribelli a Kanpur

They have defied law, but rules have prevailed. Last week, on Monday, during an inspection carried out to monitor all tanneries based in the district of Kanpur, officers of the Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board (UPPCB) identified two factories: they were working at full speed, despite the prohibition. They should have stopped their activity, in compliance with the ban imposed by the board the week before.

Inspections and identification

Fifteen tanneries were under inspection by UPPCB. In two of them, drums were running at full speed. Authorities, therefore, have immediately interrupted electricity connections. On top of that, companies might even get a fine.

One more stop

UPPCB have imposed one more work suspension on 122 tanneries. In fact, the new treatment plant still cannot manage all sewage coming from tanneries: at present, it is exclusively working for the treatment of municipal wastewater. Allegedly, as reported by local daily newspapers, a few officers of the Department of Engineering for Regional Public Health required a month to start up the plant completely. While waiting for that, tanneries whose sewage is not compliant with the strictest standards will not be allowed to work. Some of them tried to continue their activity anyway, but authorities carry out inspections in the district on a daily basis. Inspectors will hardly overlook irregularities.

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