France: bitter surprise for CET tannery: 450,000 euro-worth of hides stolen in one night

A robbery prepared and executed with finesse: no sign of forced entry, security cameras simply moved so they would film the scene, a heavy-duty vehicle to move the goods, and the robbers getting away clean. That is how, during the night between January 27th and 28th, Fremch tannery CET (Compagnie Européen de Tannage), was robbed of materials that were already packaged on pallets, to be shipped out. According to online source, reporting on the matter, the value of the hides stolen, (they would have been used for shoes and leather goods), is of 450,000 euro. According to the first theories elaborated by local police, the robbery has been planned in great detail, and the tannery was targeted. No other robberies were reported by the other two tanneries present in the area of Châteauneuf-sur-Sarthe (Pays de la Loire region), sites that, moreover, are very close to that of CET. Whoever orchestrated the robbery, it would seem, was aware of the fact that the tannery’s warehouse contained an interesting load of hides, ready to be shipped out.

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