Good ones and bad ones : in the UK Vue chooses leather for its cinemas, in Israel a newly elected wants to ban it from Parliament

There are those who (very strongly) want it. And who, for the usual pseudoethical reasons, refuses them. The dilemma (if we can call it that) can be summarized as follows: yes leather armchairs or leather armchairs no? Diametrically opposed choices that call into question the British giant of movie theaters Vue, also owner of The Space chain, and Israeli deputy Miki Haimovich. Let’s see why.

The English choice (that we like)

A few days ago, Vue has inaugurated the new Vip leather armchairs (pictured) in each of the 7 cinemas it owns in Salford, near Manchester, inserted in the context of the large mall Lowry. The new seats are equipped with a reclining system and a wooden table on which to place popcorn and soft drinks to allow customers to enjoy the film while relaxing completely. For Vue this is not the first time: the same reclining leather armchairs had already been installed in its cinemas in Bolton, at the Middlebrook Retail & Leisure Park. “Sit down and relax while the leather armchair takes shape around you” is Vue’s invitation.

The possible Israeli choice (that we do not like)

Meanwhile the members of the Israeli Parliament are risking of losing the possibility to enjoy the same experience. They have just formally settled, but newly elected Miki Haimovich has already asked that the chair she occupies is not covered in leather. This is because the former TV presenter, a candidate with the Israel Resilience Party, is vegan and in a letter sent to the president of the Chamber Yuli Edelstein claimed alleged moral objections, as reports, that “the thought of spending hours on a chair of that kind is unbearable”. If the Parliament does not have such a budget for the change, Haimovich added, the money will be made available by her. However, if there was money, according to the newly elected, one could think of changing the seats of the whole Chamber: “In this way the Knesset would give an example – Haimovich writes in the letter reported by the Israeli newspaper – to prevent exploitation and suffering of some animals”. A similar request was made in the last legislature by MPs Yael Cohen Paran and Sharren Haskel but was rejected.

Image from the Manchester Family Facebook account



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