Luxury certified pre-owned? To some extent though, as Chanel sue The RealReal: “They sell fake bags”

Chanel stand up against another luxury second hand portal. In March they had taken a legal action against “What Goes Around Comes Around”; last week, on Wednesday, the French fashion house went back to the Court of Manhattan and sued “The RealReal”. In both cases, Chanel argue that both web portals have been adopting a misleading marketing strategy “that may deceptively imply a commercial partnership”. More specifically, as for The RealReal case, accusations look much more serious. In fact, Chanel claim that the portal has sold “at least seven fake bags”, since their quality turned out to be “extremely lower compared to the originals, and they were made with different materials”. In their summons, Chanel point out that, looking at the certificate of authenticity of the allegedly counterfeit models, “the serial number does not match with the one given to that specific model”. In addition, Chanel accuse The RealReal because they reportedly rely on “experts” to identify and certify the authenticity of articles for sale, “though such expertise can be found only in the company. In other words, only Chanel itself may know what is genuinely made by Chanel”. Talking about accusations, among others, “unfair competition, counterfeiting and misleading advertising”. Chanel filed “a claim for damages, in terms of money compensation, and asked the Court to issue an injunction to prevent the website, immediately and permanently, from selling fake products”. Ultimately, they demanded that The RealReal withdraw the bags, 7 in total, and inform buyers that “Chanel do not acknowledge their authenticity”.


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