Hazaribagh, tanners against the government and workers without guarantees

The Bangladeshi Department of Environment closed the tannery district of Hazaribagh. Nevertheless, it does not mean that the problem is solved completely. On April 12, a joint event of the association of businesses and unions through the streets of the city. The tanners, according to a report in the local press, accuse the Bangladeshi authorities, “he anticipated the eviction and wanting to” destroy the sector. “Workers, made up of 20,000 employed and at least another 25,000 temporary employees and industries involved, complain of being left alone in front of the uncertainties. According to the Daily Star, the resumption of activities in the new Savar district can take months, and everyone will relocate. Meanwhile, the problem of illegal work has affected workers. Years of employment without a contract, in fact, deprive workers of benefits that otherwise would be granted. Also, cutting off electricity, water and gas to the tanneries, the authorities of the private utility also civilian homes in the district.



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