IILF sends comforting messages for Indian leather, though tanneries close in Tamil Nadu and unauthorized slaughterhouses come up

All things considered, they are satisfied. In fact, India International Leather Fair, on its 33rd edition, has been sending comforting messages, over the three-day-long exhibition, for the leather industry prospective business. As reported by the Sauer Report, such positive trend is mainly driven by the tanning raw material prices, which are stable and rising in some cases; in addition to that, the Council for Leather Export pledged their commitment to supplying all materials, which are required in the various processing stages (salted, wet blue and finished), to meet the needs of the national tanning industry. Meanwhile the latest news, reported by the local press, is evidence that the Indian industrial scenario is still facing turbulence. In Muzaffarpur, in the province of Bihar, the Indian animal welfare agency pressed charges against two companies, Alpha Leathers and Alam Tannery, accusing them of illegal slaughtering (approximately 7,000 cattle units, including cows and buffalos, and 14,000 calves have been illegally slaughtered). Conversely, in Tamil Nadu the Court in charge of Environmental Crimes has been stopping, for over a week, Madhavaram industrial cluster (out of 26 companies, there are 16 tanneries) owing to non-authorized extension built onto the sewage disposal plant.


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