In Tamil Nadu, they are planning to relocate tanneries in a new industrial site. Reducing budgetary cost though

To begin with, bad news. Indian government is addressing again (for the umpteenth time actually) the problem of environmental impact, coming from local tanneries and factories based in Tamil Nadu. In particular, the main issue is about pollution affecting two rivers (the rivers Nallaru and Noyyal), into which tanneries and manufacturing plants, located in the area, currently discharge their sewage. As reported by The Hindu daily newspaper, Tamil Nadu’s government is planning to move the local companies (the safe ones, since the illegal ones are bound to be closed soon, just like 255 businesses previously hit from April 2017 to May 2018) into a new industrial site, which is due to host the textile industry enterprises. Yet, as emphasized by the newspaper, a new problem immediately turned up: in fact, Tamil Nadu are going to invest, in the tanneries relocation, 120 million rupees, that is, around 1,5 million euros. They had already put forth, a while ago, a similar investment plan (170 million rupees): such propensity to save is not a comforting message then.


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