Everlane’s radical transparency: costs, Italian leather, made in

Everlane's radical transparency: costs, Italian leather, made in

Everlane is a US brand. It too produces in Italy. It mainly uses Italian leather. And it made the  news its extreme concept of transparency, structurally and strategically. To the point of showing it immediately, online, under the hat of this slogan: Radical Transparency, to offer customers all the more detailed information on what he is buying.

Radical transparency

Not only on its website it is possible to find out the name of its suppliers, but also to find the details of the costs necessary for creating some accessories. “We believe that our customers have the right to know how much it costs to make what they buy,” explains the management of the San Francisco-based company, founded in 2010 by Michael Preysman.

The moccasin

Among the products for which Everlane lists the costs is the moccasin. In other words: the Modern Loafer model. The cost of making a pair is 42 dollars. Divided as follows: 18.25 for materials, 29.16 for labor, 1.47 for transport, 4.75 for duties and taxes. “On average, retailers usually charge 5-6 times. Us? Only 2-3 times” it reads. So, starting at 42 dollars, the moccasin comes at a price of 168 dollars on Everlane e-shop. Please note: they are made in Itay moccasins. Everlane produces them in Brescia, in a company with 60 employees. And “the leather is robust Italian full grain. Since it is vegetable tanned, this leather will also acquire a beautiful patina with wear”.

The bag

Example number two: The Day Market Tote bag. It is produced in Italian leather by a Prato-based company managed by Chinese people. Materials account for 32.94 dollars. The work is worth 30.78 dollars. Then, 2.10 dollars in shipping, 2.10 in duties/taxes and 0.20 in components. Total: 60 dollars. Everlane sells the bag for, compared to a “traditional retail” price of 270 dollars.

There’s more

But there is more. By clicking here, you will discover all the companies that collaborate with Everlane. But also the criteria that determined the choice and, sometimes, also the time taken to make it. “We spend months finding the best factories around the world. We visit them often and build strong personal relationships with the owners. Each factory is subjected to a compliance audit to evaluate factors such as: fair wages, reasonable hours and the environment,” Everlane points out. Radical transparency, indeed.

Images from everlane.com

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