In Jalandhar, India, things get worse, as they’ve been forced to a-10-day closedown on beamhouse operations

Another blow for Jalandhar tanning district, which, by the way, has been working for two years at half speed since sewage treatment plant does not keep up with the site production. As reported by local press, tanneries currently working have been forced to a-10-day closedown on their beamhouse operations, starting from October 13. During the closedown, which has been imposed by Punjab High Court, sewage disposal plant will be given maintenance service. Local manufacturers, who must close their factories at the time that production is being apparently dynamic, have accepted the court’s ordinance with resignation. “Our crisis has been going on for years – says a tanner interviewed by The Tribune of India -: we have lost all of our international clients and we just export our goods to Bangladesh and Pakistan at this point”. A-10-day closedown won’t affect that much the business then.


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