JBS speak out their 2018 goals: meat production, more value for Couros division and stock listing at NYSE on the agenda

First and foremost, JBS aim to restore their meat production, which still represents both the tradition and the core business of the group. Secondly, to regain value with regard to tanning raw material. Like we said, in 2017 JBS financial figures were positive, despite various problems. It is high time the meat multinational corporation were making public their 2018 goals. The company’s top managers spoke them out while presenting their financial statements before the press. As reported by BeefPoint, the slaughtering issue is their top priority: in 2017, in fact, they decreased by 14%. Now JBS want to get back to full productivity, to be gauged according to the last quarter trend, following their divestitures. JBS Couros division also relies, in terms of performance, on the number of slaughtering livestock units: in 2017, point out the company, results were affected by a growing US supply, along with a simultaneous drop of prices. In the meantime, the holding still aim at having their US branch stock listed at the New York Stock Exchange: JBS put off the plan, still they did not give it up. Waiting for the right time.


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