Marypaz, slimming therapy is light: redundancies down to 131

Marypaz, slimming therapy is light: redundancies down to 131

Marypaz slimming therapy is light: in fact, they will not lay off anymore 170 employees, but 131. Besides that, they are going to close down 33 selling stores rather than 41, as formerly estimated. They managed to limit redundancies and closures after negotiations with trade unions.

Slimming therapy is light

Such measures, implemented by the footwear distribution company, headquartered in Seville, are included in the employment guidelines (ERE) and successfully ensure the ongoing work activity. The ERE procedure, whose abbreviation stands for “Expediente de Regulación de Empleo”, provides potentially bankrupt businesses with public financial support in order to guarantee severance pays in favour of laid-off employees.


According to a few trade union sources, quoted by, Marypaz will supposedly lay off 114 workers, currently hired in the retail department, alongside 17 office employees. Marypaz recent history looks like a rollercoaster. First, they became one of the most important footwear companies in Spain; then they suffered from a financial crisis, which began in April 2016. They were about to go bankrupt, but in September, in the same year, Black Toro bought the company out. Three years later, they went through one more crisis and had to deal with a rather difficult situation, very similar to the previous one. In November 2019, entrepreneur Álvaro Pellón bought out the business, through Crocea Mors enterprise. A few months later, all of a sudden, the pandemic forced the management to reconsider their plans.

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