Leather goods deliveries go up and Hermès enhance production as they plan to hire 90 employees in their Senlis manufacturing plant

They have already pinpointed the first 18 trainees. In addition, they are going to recruit 18 more in May. Hermès are going to hire 90 employees in total at their manufacturing plant located in Senlis (in the province of Oise): since 2014, they have been running here a production site focused on leather goods and saddlery. French luxury is getting ready to meet the market growing demand. In other words, the French brand, headquartered in Faubourg St.Honorè Avenue, tackles increasing orders by enhancing their working staff, over 50% more, in their production plant in Senlis: employees, who currently amount to 160 units, will exceed 250 units in the following months. The first 18 of them are about to go through a training quarter: they will supposedly start to work on September 10. Meanwhile, Hermès keep recruiting personnel. As reported by Le Parisien, they do not require specific qualifications; they rather look for people with manual skills and, most of all, applicants must be interested in a long-term professional collaboration.


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