Leather UK’s young guide to understanding (and buying) leather

Leather UK's young guide to understanding (and buying) leather

Leather UK launches a guide to buying leather. A young guide, since it specifically targets Gen Z. It is entitled “A Guide to Buying Leather”. It includes information to “provide young buyers with the hard facts to overcome meaningless marketing terms and navigate the minefield of leather misinformation”. Some instructions in the guide are: how to identify genuine leather products, why leather is a sustainable choice, the real composition of so-called alternative/vegan materials and much more.

The young guide to navigating the market

“We take every opportunity we can to counter the chaos surrounding leather”, Leather UK director Kerry Senior tells International Leather Maker. According to Senior himself, many people have realised that, in order to be more sustainable, they need to buy products that last longer. But they probably don’t know how to apply this in practice. So, knowing how to untangle the labels used by clothing manufacturers and retailers can make it easier to make the right choice.

The Feast of Stone

“Today, the term vegan leather (outlawed in Italy under the Leather Decree, ed) is increasingly emerging as an alternative to real leather. They call it an ethical, cruelty-free, better-for-the-planet choice: all these claims are highly questionable”, reads the guide’s introduction. Concise but effective. With clear and fundamental concepts to orient oneself in the prevailing disinformation.

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