US Farm Bureau sounds the alarm, as decreasing raw hides are due to jeopardize livestock by-product business

In 2014, the overall value of US livestock and farming by-products amounted to 16,8 billion dollars. Over the last years, such figure has been continuously declining, except for a slight recovery in 2016, therefore reaching around 9,1 billion dollars in August 2018: for the records, such turnover slowdown is mostly due to raw hides, which have been progressively and steadily decreasing. In fact, in 2014 the “raw hides” market share was worth 50% of the overall meat by-products business; at present, its share is currently worth 35% of it. Such data are provided and published by Farm Bureau, the US government agency. In their report they also sound an alarm: as everyone knows, China is the most important end market for US raw hides and skins trade. Still we do not know to what extent commercial tensions between the United States and China are going to affect the trade business. More than likely, they will negatively hit it.


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