Lineapelle92. Stuart Weitzman: “Here I can see leather all in one”. Enrico Bracalente (NeroGiardini): “We see the new trends here”

Although you have created a worldwide luxury brand giant, although you have sold your own creature to a luxury fashion corporation for 574 million dollars, you can’t stop attending Lineapelle and see, live, the new trends.”That’s why I am here – says Stuart Weitzman, high-end footwear American designer. Here I can meet almost all Italian, English and European tanneries: all in one”. Pure energy for creativity: exhibitors” are most keen on developing my ideas: all’s ready in three weeks or so. Indeed, at the fair I have come across amazing trends, not of much surprise, as I used to”. Likewise Enrico Bracalente, sole director of NeroGiardini, loves coming to Lineapelle to see and touch, live, raw materials: “That enables you to understand what companies have to cope with, and get ready to provide appropriate solutions”. “Taking part in these events offers the opportunity to focus your attention on the new market trends- he adds- thus possibly selecting materials for your next collections”. Talking about future trends, Bracalente points out that he has seen, around the stands, “much colour, suitable for summer of course”. Still “we can’t predict what will be going on, as we don’t have any feedback from markets yet – and we place much reliability on statistics and past seasons records”, “there are many court shoes around, variously high-heeled; but we’ll sell many others as well”. “We are a commercial brand, therefore we pay attention to our serial collections”- stresses sole director of NeroGiardini – They will represent 60/70% of our production, adding new materials and colours though”. Hanging around the stands, we have come across Emroi style manager (Emroi is a shoe factory, based in Parabiago, that makes high-end slip on and sneakers): “These are tough times for startup companies, and our company is one of them. We are here on the lookout for calves and reptiles. We have already fixed some appointments and we are well determined in our searching, still we are open-minded towards other proposals”. Teppei, a Japanese freelance fashion designer, but he lives in Veneto, is looking for his clothing and accessories a peculiar kind of leather aiming to convey “eternal beauty, out of seasonal collections”. He is expecting tanneries to give him “creativity tips for a new and original identity of materials, in order to recall the animal leather comes from and its tanning process”. Not just a simple piece of leather then.


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