Minerva gears up to become n.1 meat exporting group in South America

They have outdone all competitors. The top managers of Minerva, a Brazilian meat giant, will celebrate 2017 for a long while. After a sprint successfully completed in the final part of the year, the group now exports 22% of South American meat, thus reaching top ranking, as regards exporting countries, in the Mercosur area. They achieved such valuable accomplishment thanks to their production capacity, which remarkably increased by 50% and therefore drove slaughtering, +30% on annual basis, and sales volumes, which went up by 33,5%. Minerva pointed out such figures in their financial report over 2017 fourth quarter: in the period net revenues increased by 55,1%, thus reaching 3,9 billion reals (about 1 billion euros), the best performance ever for the group. The invisible and silent guest at the celebration party was JBS group, whose difficult situation enabled Minerva’s expansion, also through the buyout of their subsidiaries in Paraguay, Chile and Argentina.


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