Natuzzi change course to meet new markets and younger buyers

Natuzzi change course to meet new markets and younger buyers

Natuzzi change course and strive for “a new approach and new markets”. Such is the goal: to tackle those buyers who, for the time being, are part of their product target to a limited extent. Since CRV outbreak is changing the world, the upholstery group, headquartered in the province of Matera, wants to seize this opportunity by focusing on young buyers. And not only that.

Natuzzi change course

Cosimo Bardi, Wholesale Manager of Natuzzi, together with Andrea Cafiero (Marketing and Communication Chief Supervisor), attended yesterday (15th October 2020) the Brazilian Leather Webinar  (in the picture), organized by CICB (the association of Brazilian tanners). Such was the name of the meeting: “Furniture and Sustainability”. During the event, Bardi emphasized that “our group’s strength lies in its versatility”, provided by its strategic manufacturing role in several countries. For the records, Bardi would like to further enhance such asset by diversifying production depending on different types of buyers actively playing in each market. “We are internally discussing about the opportunity to create some specific collections exclusively for particular buyers whom, speaking plainly, we are not currently tackling”, pointed out the manager. Younger customers, whose shopping budget is increasing, are among them. And clients most sensitive to sustainability as well.

A comfortable house

“In the last few months, due to CRV outbreak, people did not spend any money for travelling or other. They realized how important quality and comfort are in their own houses – continued Bardi –. I am a dreamer and I know that next year will be a challenging one: that is why we are closely planning our development by taking advantage of our group’s strength alongside its active role worldwide. We run our business all over the world and we stay close to our clients: if we had some more manufacturing plants, we could get even closer to them”.

A few terrible months, then…

“The beginning of the year proved extremely positive, as January and February were particularly rewarding. Then we had to deal with the pandemic, which we personally faced twice – commented Bardi -. Everything began in China, where we were compelled to close for two weeks: for the records, workers did not get back to factories immediately. Then we had to face CRV outbreak in Italy, Brazil, Romania as much as in the rest of the world”. Natuzzi went therefore through three “terrible” months, so the manager said. In fact, the group’s revenues, which were -22% in the first quarter of the year, even reached -33.1% at the end of June 2020. Nevertheless, the group sees recovery ahead. “We are going to close the year by enjoying amazing revenues thanks to sales we made from the end of June until August. And in September as well”, wrapped up Bardi.

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