Pakistan: 34 tanneries shut down for environmental crimes

Pakistan: 34 tanneries shut down for environmental crimes

The result amounts to 34 tanneries being shut down and notices being sent to 245 other ones. Pakistan’s tanning industry concluded summer with a round of investigations by local authorities. In Sialkot, Punjab state, authorities verified the environmental compliance of the manufacturing companies (tanneries and others), and then proceeded to sanction them for environmental crimes.

34 tanneries shut down

Pakistan’s tanning segment has hit a rough patch in the last few months. At the start of 2023 it had showed promise, especially to grow its business in Russia due to sanctions and become a commercial bridge between countries. But the chain’s problems remain, and investments from China to attempt to close the gap to international standards haven’t been enough. News published by Urdu Point that investments haven’t arrived and the same issues continue to exist. Authorities shut down 34 tanneries (and sanctioned them with 170,000 Pakistani Rubles, or 500 euros) and sent notifications to 245 more tanneries.

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