Raw Material, Tyson Foods fixes its balance (but continues to make cuts), while Cargill grows

The year ended well, outlooks are positive, but the restructuring process isn’t over.  As expected, Tyson Foods (US-based meat titan), ends 2017’s fiscal year in the green, “mostly thanks to the performance of bovine meat, which were much higher than expected” says a note by the company. Earnings per share were higher than the previous at 5.2 – 5.3 USD per share, compared to the 4.95 – 5.05 USD from the previous period. These results mean that Tyson food will save a net 200 million USD in 2018, which will become 400 million USD in 2019, and 600 million USD in 2020. The cost-cutting strategy does come with ulterior sacrifices for the group, which announces redundancy plans for 450 employees in 3 different US locations. The first quarter of the current fiscal year also brings good news to Cargill: total turnover slightly growing to 27.3 billion USD (was 27.1 in the same period of the previous year). Moreover, the even better results were those regarding net earnings: 973 million USD, which account for a 14% increase on a yearly base.

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