Russia’s Siberian new tannery RK Altai is (almost) ready to start, but opening is put off again

The opening of RK Altai tannery, based in Zarinsk, in the local area of Altai, in Siberia, has been further delayed. Russkaya Kozha tanning leather group had already postponed the working start of the plant, previously scheduled in August 2017, until December 2018. They have now put it off again, owing to a few changes, in the plan, regarding the implementation of some water treatment auxiliary systems and cleaning plants as well. The news has been reported by the Kommersant, while talking about Igor Surin, chairman of the board of directors. He reportedly claims that the tannery is almost fully completed: the main manufacturing plant has been already built, machinery and tools have been installed and staff is attending training courses. The tannery, which extends across a 4,5-hectare land, is going to process 600 tons of raw hides and skins a month (bovine, porcine, sheep and goat leather) and therefore manufacture 100,000 square metres of leather for shoes, leather goods, home furnishings, automotive and medical industry. 200 people will be employed in the tannery, to begin with.  




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