Smart Moving Shoes: Smart sneakers with a Vibram outsole

The result of an Italo-Chinese collaboration between computer giant Lenovo, BJDW (Beijing Design Week) and the Lombard company Vibram, at the Lenovo Tech World exhibition held in San Francisco, USA, the Chinese group presented Smart Moving Shoes, cutting-edge technological footwear for those who love running. These innovative sneakers are the fruit of an international collaboration which began two years ago.
Boasting its own data processing system, this new footwear concept displays the number of steps taken in a trip and the number of calories burned, and also features LED lights to make the wearer more visible at night. And what’s more, there’s no need to rely on a smartphone, computer or other technology, because the shoes are equipped with their own internal microchip. Lenovo has not yet disclosed their sale price, as the start date for international distribution is still to be confirmed.


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