2021 fairs, Simac Tanning Tech is due to take place in the second half-year

2021 fairs, Simac Tanning Tech is due to take place in the second half-year

The advertising catch phrase they have opted for to promote its next edition was and still is Back to the Fair. Yet for Simac Tanning Tech such comeback is not going to materialize, as per schedule formerly planned, at the end of February 2021. In other words, the major leather industry technology exhibition has postponed its date: the fair is due to take place in 2021 second half-year period.

In the second half of the year

“Postponing the date of the event – pointed out the Organizational Secretary of the trade show – was meant to be a proactive action in order to face and tackle the difficulties arising from the current situation worldwide, due to Covid-19 outbreak”.

Such difficulties “were inevitably bound to heavily affect and hit visitors showing up at the exhibition”, especially the ones “coming from non-European countries”.

Back to the Fair

The decision to move the fair 6 months forward goes hand in hand with the aim to “pinpoint a more suitable period for the arrangements of the trade show”. In so doing, they will also “make sure participants will be given better opportunities to meet up in a safe playground, where running machinery will be on exhibit”.

For the records, this one is a distinguishing feature “which has traditionally characterized Simac Tanning Tech”.

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