Tanning chemistry Trumpler Group to buy Langro-Chemie: “We aim to enhance our supply and position in the market”

Trumpler Group announced their forthcoming acquisition of Langro-Chemie Theo Lang, a company headquartered in Stuttgart and specialized in chemistry for leather finishing. The deal, which is due to be effective starting from 1 January 2019, will enable Trumpler to acquire all the employees of Langro-Chemie, who will be still positioned on the market as trusted brand in the leather tanning industry. Both parties believe that such synergy between Trumpler, a German holding specialized in chemistry for the leather and paper industries, and Langro-Chemie, a family-run company founded 85 years ago, will potentially boost the group sales. Revenues are expected to reach 120 million euros. Hein Vugs and Joachim Müller-Damerau, managing directors of Trumpler, have made a comment in a release: “This is an excellent opportunity to enhance and expand our business in the leather finishing market; as for Trumpler’s strategy, that’s an important step to provide their customers with a full range of products and supportive assistance”. “The union of Trumpler and Langro is a remarkable success: clients, employees and collaborators will benefit from that a great deal. Our synergy will support the new group and help it face the future challenges in the leather business”, remarked Tilo Schumacher, managing director of Langro-Chemie.


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