The growth of Hermés is the most “normal” of the last five years: + 7.5%. “Driving” leather: + 14%. The CEO: “I am optimistic.”

Dissatisfaction that must be taken with added caution and carefully evaluated. Last September, Hermés announced that the closure of 2016 would not have ridden the wave of success experienced a few seasons ago, but it would be in a condition of “normalisation.” So, here is the last year’s budget, for the French fashion house, stood at 5.2 billion euro share, 7.5% more on 2015, with the last quarter that posted sales of 1, 5 billion euro, equal to + 8% on an annual basis. Good, in any case, the performance of the division Leather upholstery, which is still the most dynamic in the brand and, in 2016, it grew by 14%. Watches and silk products, on the other hand, were in loss. Hermés announced that it has rallied + 8% in Europe, + 7% in the United States, + 9% in Japan, and + 7% in Asia. In a Bloomberg interview, the CEO Axel Dumas said that “we are noticing a progression of the Chinese market and a renewed appetite for luxury goods purchases. I am optimistic about the growth of this market. ” Meanwhile, however, the spread of the financial statements did lose two percentage points to the title, listed on the Paris Stock Exchange.


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