The TPP is gone, Indonesia enjoys. Shoe export is growing

Aprisindo, the Indonesian Association of footwear, is considering very “likely a growth of 10.5% in exports over 2017”, as stated by its President, Eddy Widjanarko, and reported by the Jakarta Post newspaper. The reason for these statements is that the United States -through its President, Donald Trump, has formally moved away from from the TTP (Trans Pacific Partnership) formalising the release last January 23. This event, according to Widjanarko, “means that Vietnam will be subjected to a tax of 7-9% from the USA. Exactly what it currently happens to our production. “In the interview, Widjanarko also mentioned that the US is the biggest importer of Indonesian shoes, followed by Belgium, Germany, China and Japan. According to Aprisindo, in 2016 the Indonesian footwear exports grew by 6%, reaching $ 4.8 billion “thanks to the closure of many Chinese shoe factories”.


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